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Welcome to Taipei Hotels, a site dedicated to providing honest reviews of hotels in Taipei, Taiwan. This site was created by a team of local expats in Taipei who have travelled extensively throughout the city over the last decade and are passionate about providing legitimate reviews for the best local hotels based on their experiences.

Finding The Best Hotels

101What do we mean by “best?” Throughout this site we review hotels ranging from 3 Stars to 5 Stars in addition to Hot Spring Hotels, Hotels by District and Hotels by Preference, such as Hotels on Budget. Within each category listed on this site, we chose what we thought to be the best value between price, comfort, location, amenities and overall customer satisfaction, and wrote in-depth reviews to give our readers the most accurate and up-to-date information available about what we consider to be the best options.

Deciding a hotel in any city can be difficult but this site makes it easy because it is the only site for Taipei-based hotels that breaks everything down, including the best hotels near certain areas such as MRT (subway transit) locations or local monuments and attractions. We also let you know which hotels include airport pickup, free breakfasts, and travel packages, as well as which ones are best suited for families or couples on a romantic getaway.

Most hotel review sites have fake reviews with false ratings based off internal writers and advertisers that are paid either by hotels or the sites themselves. We here at Taipei Hotels, however, are responsible for all the content posted and aim to transform the Taipei traveling experience into a joyful, unforgettable experience through trusted reviews in addition to value-added articles related to travelling, which can be found on our blog.

All-In-One Guide To Taipei Hotels and More

Taiwan hot springsIn addition to Taipei City hotel selections, we also have reviews related to Greater Taipei, including New Taipei City, Linkou, Taoyuan and Wulai. All of these surrounding areas were included into this website as they are very accessible from downtown Taipei and are likely travel spots for those visiting Taiwan. We aim to provide you the convenience of accessing one full site for all your Taipei and Taiwan travel reviews, and also have made it a point to include reviews of local restaurants and day trips.

Taipei is an overall relatively small city that can be accessed from point A to point B quickly either through the city’s MRT system or through buses or taxi rides. An average MRT ride costs NT$30 (US$1) while that for a bus ride is about NT$15 (US$0.50). Taxi rides meanwhile start at NT$70 (US$2.25) and on average cost about NT$150 to get to any of the major city attractions provided you are located within the more downtown districts of Songshan, DaAn, Xinyi, Zhongzheng or Wanli. We feel it is important to mention this as you may consider altering your hotel budget based on how much you need to budget for transportation.

Making the Best of Your Taiwan Experience

Another point worth mentioning is that Taipei is known as one of the most convenient places in the world and arguably the most convenient place in Asia due to its amount of convenient stores, night markets and overall restaurants found all over the city. Taipei prides itself as being the land of convenience, with many business operations running late into the night unlike other travel destinations in Asia. This means that you shouldn’t fear about where to stay or feel you need to limit yourself to a particular area, as it is nearly impossible to go hungry or feel like you will feel troubled gaining access to other amenities.

raohe-1Taipei is ranked the 2nd safest place in the world right behind Japan and the nation’s MRT system is ranked the safest in the world. Travellers do not need to worry about a so-called “ghetto” or unsafe areas, and can be assured that walking around at night is safe. Taiwanese are willing to help when needed and often go beyond their means to help others. The same goes for their hotel service.

It is with our sincere effort that you find the most suitable hotel based on your needs within this site and also experience the convenience and service we have come to know that attracts us so much as travellers in this city. We trust you will find something of value here that will get you off to the right start and leave you with memories to come.

Enjoy Taipei and Happy Travels!

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