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Taipei Hotels is run by several expats in Taipei who originally met at local Chinese classes and since have been residing here for nearly a decade. Following their initial pursuits in Chinese Mandarin and interests in Chinese/Taiwan culture, each of the contributors have gone their own way ranging from teaching to running their own businesses. Throughout their endeavors, exploring Taipei has been a priority, and it was back in 2013 that they decided to combine forces related to their hotel and travel experiences throughout the city to create this site known as Taipei Hotels.

Aside from writing about hotels we had stayed at over the years, we spent our spare time on the weekends over a 1-year period visiting various hotels and asking that we stay either momentarily or overnight in order to complete our assessment. Luckily, most hotels have been accommodating and they have even allowed us to go beyond our stay, allowing us to test features provided such as conference room facilities and gym facilities. Following our field research efforts, we organized our findings, wrote up review articles, proofread each other’s work and then put it all together to create this site.

We spent many hours organizing our findings into various categories that we thought would be of benefit for travelers in Taipei, including Hotels by District, Hotels by MRT as well as Themed Hotels. We also thought from the perspective of a traveller and added various tidbits of information commonly asked by travelers, such as whether a hotel includes free Wi-Fi, airport pickup and travel packages. We even let you know what kind of mattresses and pillows are used for some of the hotels. If there is an aspect of travelling or FAQ related to hotels in Taipei, we feel we have most of it covered.

This site took several years in the making to complete. It is our way of bringing to light our interests and passion for travelling right here in Taipei and doing so in an honest manner that will give readers an in-depth look at what hotels best suit their needs, budget and overall experience for staying in Taipei. We have housed our own families and friends at hotels included in this site and have also gotten to know many of the management staff either through work or friends, so the hotels displayed represent our best findings so far.

Like most major cities across the globe there are a variety of hotels available so this site should be able to help you find what you are looking for. If you are looking for something specific and have a hard time finding it on this site, feel free to send us a request and we will try our best to get back to you. We aim to be as much of help as possible but do need to emphasize that it may be difficult at times to respond due to scheduling.

Overall, we hope your experience in Taipei will be an unforgettable one and booking the right accommodation will get you off to the right start. Make sure to check out the rest of the site’s articles on activities, food and drink in order to make the best of this site and your travels in Taipei.

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