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May 06

We all have different needs when it comes to the perfect hotel. One of the most common is a buffet breakfast, as this makes it easier to get your fill in the morning, before heading out for a day of sightseeing. This can be crucial for those not keen on foreign cuisine, as the vast choice on offer means they are still sure to find something they like, whilst guests that do enjoy new taste experiences can sample as many foods as they want. A buffet breakfast also gives you the chance to store some food for later, maybe to carry up to your room or even to take out on your travels with you.

In this article we have listed the best hotels in Taipei that offer a buffet breakfast, focusing not just on those with a huge choice, but also those that have plenty of other facilities and amenities, and also offer a comfortable and enjoyable experience on the whole.

Caesar Park Taipei

During the week you can enjoy breakfast at the Caesar Park Taipei from 6:00am through to 10:00am, and it runs half an hour later on weekends. There is a huge choice on offer, and the buffets also extend into the lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. Pretty much throughout the day you can enjoy a buffet, with a huge choice of foods on offer. There are two restaurants at the Caesar Park Taipei — Crackers and Tiffany — both of which have buffets throughout the day. Breakfast is usually free to all guests that have booked a room, but guests will have to pay extra for one of the other buffets. The price depends on whether you’re ordering, lunch, afternoon tea or dinner, and it also differs on weekdays and weekends, and on whether an adult or a child is booking a seat at the buffet.

  • Airport Shuttle? Yes
  • Free WiFi? Yes
  • Pool? No
  • Fitness Center? No
  • Restaurants? Yes
  • Near Public Transport? Yes

It is not age that defines a child at the Caesar Park Taipei, but rather it is their height. If the child is over 140 centimeters then they will be classed as an adult, if they are between 110 centimeters and 140 centimeters then they will have to pay the child price. If, however, they are less than 109 centimeters, then they can eat for free, so bring all the little ones along and let them feast to their heart’s content at the hotel’s expense.

During peak seasons the Caesar Park Taipei may be full, so your best bet is to phone ahead and book a seat in advance. The Caesar Park Taipei can also accommodate business meetings, weddings and other parties, and is not exclusive to guests of the hotel.

Beautiful Hotel Taipei

The 3-star rated hotel offers a huge choice of breakfast foods for all guests that book a room here. All guests are treated to a daily buffet breakfast that includes a number of Chinese and Western foods, sure to please everyone’s tastes. You can mix and match to your heart’s content, and there is no limit on how much you can eat, so fuel-up. Breakfast is only served for a few hours though, so make sure you get there early if you plan on getting as much as you can for your money.

  • Airport Shuttle? No
  • Free WiFi? Yes
  • Pool? No
  • Fitness Center? Yes
  • Restaurants? Aside from Buffet, no.
  • Near Public Transport? No

The Beautiful Hotel Taipei also has room service, where guests can order drinks, food and snacks to their room throughout the day. The staff at the Beautiful Hotel Taipei will even serve you breakfast in the room, allowing you to take your pick from the vast array of food options that are available. There is also a mini bar in the hotel, packed with treats and drinks. You will have to pay for all of these though and may also be charged extra for having breakfast delivered to your room, so your best bet is to get up good and early and head down to the onsite restaurant for breakfast.

Les Suites Grandee

The Les Suites Grandee is a popular hotel, and one that sells out pretty quickly, so make sure you book well in advance if you want a room at this 4-star rated hotel. The daily breakfast buffet at the Les Suites Grandee includes a number of International options, along with several local delicacies.

  • Airport Shuttle? No
  • Free WiFi? Yes
  • Pool? No
  • Fitness Center? No
  • Restaurants? Yes
  • Near Public Transport? Yes

The restaurant in which the daily breakfast buffet is served also has an International menu that is available throughout the rest of the day. Guests at the Les Suites Grandee can also enjoy freshly brewed coffee in the alfresco dining room, enjoying the Taipei sunshine and a great view. The hotel is also close to a number of attractions, and it is a short drive from many others. As it is located in the Shilin District, the Les Suites Grandee is also next to a number of cafes, restaurants, and more, not to mentioned the popular Shilin Night Market.

Park Taipei Hotel

The Park Taipei Hotel has a number of dining options available, and as well as the buffet, which offers an extensive range of delicious foods to all of their guests, their onsite restaurant also has an a la carte menu. There is also a snack bar and all guests at the Park Taipei Hotel also have a minibar in their room, complete with a number of drinks and snacks, although they will have to pay a premium for all of these.

  • Airport Shuttle? Yes
  • Free WiFi? Yes
  • Pool? No
  • Fitness Center? Yes
  • Restaurants? Yes
  • Near Public Transport? Yes


If you don’t get your fill at the buffet, then you can top up with the room service. The Park Taipei Hotel also makes packed lunches for their guests, ideal to take on a picnic or as a light lunch during a day of sightseeing. As there is a garden and a terrace at the Park Taipei Hotel, this is also a great chance to enjoy some food outside of the hotel, basking in the beautiful Taipei sunshine.

The restaurant at the Park Taipei Hotel is known as the Parc Bistro. These are the ones that will arrange packed lunches for you, and can also provide foods for banquets, business meetings, parties and much more.

written by Grameister777

May 04

These days a hotel is not just a place to rest your head and escape from the alien city you have decided to call home for a week or two. Hotels are places to eat, to drink, to have fun and, perhaps most importantly, to relax and unwind. We often find that the best hotels are those that have spas, wellness centers, massage services and Jacuzzis, because these are extras, superfluous to many, and if your chosen hotel has them it usually much means they have everything else covered as well.

In this article we will look at the best hotels in Taipei that have Jacuzzis and massage services, with a focus not just on the hotels that get these services right, but on the ones that perform above expectations in all other areas as well.

Landis Taipei Hotel

The Landis is one of our favorite hotels in Taipei, one that ticks so many boxes and one that we have raved about so many times. This is a 5-star hotel, but with rooms that are a little more affordable than many other hotels in this class. There are some less-affordable rooms, don’t get us wrong, but in that case you really do get what you pay for.

This is a hotel that you will probably never want to leave, for as soon as you step through its grand doors, you’re escorted into an elegant and sophisticated world where the guest is treated like royalty. Here you will find everything that you could ever ask for in a hotel, all neatly wrapped in a stylish Landis bow.

The Jurlique Day Spa is where the pampering treatments are found in the Landis Hotel. These are not just limited to massages and spa baths either, as there is a long list of treatments to wrap you up in a cozy bubble as you while away the day. These include Age Defying Facials, which last for an hour and promise radiant, soft and smooth skin; Anti-Stress Facials, which promise to ease stress and treason in the face and shoulders; and Essential Hand Care, which both softens and stimulates your hands.

As far as the massages go, your best options are probably the Ultimate Face and Body Experience, which lasts for a full 2 hours and includes a range of aromatherapy oils, leaving you both relaxed and refreshed. The hotel also offers spa packages, so you and your fellow guests (if any) can enjoy a full day at the spa, with a range of treatments that care for your entire body.

The Okura Prestige Hotel

The Okura Prestige Hotel is a luxury 5-star hotel that excels in all areas. A glance at its average ratings on all of the hotel review sites will tell you that this is one hotel that does not disappoint. The Okura Prestige Hotel is located in the sought-after Zhongshan District, with a number of rooms available that offer panoramic views of this great city.

The Okura Health Club is where the action is at. Guests at the Okura Prestige Hotel are required to join the club in order to enjoy the treatments, but by doing so, even for a relatively short stay, they can save a lot of money and enjoy the facilities as much as they want. Membership comes individually or for families (although members need to be over 18). It can be bought yearly or three-yearly and paid monthly. Inside the Okura Health Club there is a sauna, which comes with male and female VIP lounge areas, hot and cold pools, dressing rooms and a resting area. There is also a swimming pool, which is located on the roof, and a fitness center, which is fitted with the latest equipment.

All members can also enjoy as many massages as they want. These are all provided by professional massage therapists and use aromatherapy oils. There are also reflexology treatments available, along with facials and much more.

V-One Vogue Hotel

If a 5-star hotel is out of the question, but you still want to pamper yourself whilst on holiday, you can always head to the 2-star V-One Vogue Hotel. This is 2-star hotel by name and price only, as there is more than enough in this hotel to warrant a much higher rating, as we’re sure you’ll agree once you spend some time here.

The V-One Vogue Hotel even have their own spa and wellness center, where guests can treat themselves to a range of massages, spending as little or as much time as they want getting the all-over relaxation treatment. Once you’ve been oiled-up and sufficiently scrubbed and rubbed, then you can hop in the spa bath. As with the hotel itself, these treatments are very affordable and many of them cost a fraction of the price of some of the 5-star hotels that offer similar treatments.

There is also a fitness room and many other facilities in the V-One Hotel, whilst its location in the Datong District makes it ideal for all travelers seeking to be amongst the best attractions, bars and restaurants, whilst also being within walking distance of public transport.

Star Beauty Resort Taipei

The Star Beauty Resort Taipei is a 3-star hotel, offering something that is somewhere in-between the hotels mentioned above. Located in the popular Shilin District, which is home to the Shilin Night Market, the Star Beauty Resort has a spa and a wellness center that offers a number of treatments for its guests. There are massages, facials and much more, and you can even enjoy some time in a spa bath to finish it all off.

This hotel also has a bicycle rental service, so if you want some fresh air and healthy exercise before or after your treatments, then you can climb aboard and take a trip into the city. You can even ride to the Taipei Jianguo Jade and Flower Market, which is just a short distance away from the hotel.

written by Grameister777

Apr 28

The Taipei United Hotel is a 5-star hotel located forty-five minutes away from the main International airport in Taipei. It is located in the Da’an District, which is very popular with travelers seeking to be where the action is. The hotel has a shuttle service that regularly ferries guests to and from the airport, making the first and final days of your holiday significantly easier and much less stressful. This hotel is a great choice for business travelers and leisure travelers, with plenty of facilities and amenities available for both, as outlined below:

  • Airport Shuttle? Yes — The United Hotel shuttle runs regularly from the hotel to the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport..
  • Free WiFi? Yes — High-speed internet can be accessed throughout the building, allowing guests to keep in touch as they enjoy their vacation.
  • Pool? No — There is, however, bathing facilities and a sauna.
  • Fitness Center? Yes — The fitness center comes with an array of strength and cardio equipment.
  • Restaurants? Yes — There is an onsite restaurant and a bar, allowing guests to enjoy a quiet drink and a bite to eat.
  • Near Public Transport? Yes — Trains and buses can be caught near to the hotel.

As far as availability goes, the Taipei United Hotel is open throughout the year, with guests flooding in whatever the weather. There are plenty of rooms in this hotel, but it does fill up fairly quickly so you should always try to book in advance. There is a possibility that if you wait you will be able to find a cheap room, as the hotel will be keen not to leave any of their rooms empty, but this is a risk, especially in peak seasons. There is also a chance that they will limit such deals for those who drop into the hotel, and to deal sites that focus on residents of Taiwan and of nearby countries, as they are the more likely to snap up such deals. Either way, sites like Hotels Combined can make it easier to keep track of the availability of the rooms in the Taipei United Hotel, and you can also book one of those rooms through this trusted service.

Which room you choose depends on your budget and the level of luxury that you desire. It may also depend on how many people you are traveling with, as there are different options for single travelers, couples, families, etc., If you end up in a smaller room than you had hoped, with fewer beds than needed, then you can request an extra bed for an extra cost. You may also be able to request that a cot be placed in the room if you have a baby with you, and more often than not, providing that you request well in advance, you will not need to pay for this.

One of the cheapest rooms at the hotel is the Superior Twin, which still offers many of the amenities you would expect of a 5-star hotel such as this, but without the added luxuries that go one step further. The Superior Single is actually a little bigger and comes with a double bed as opposed to twin beds, whilst the Executive Single provides the perfect amount of space, at a very affordable price. If you want to push the boat out, then the best rooms include the United Suite and the Presidential Suite. These are bigger, bolder and better designed, and they also have a seating area and a bathing area.

If you have rented a car then you will be able to make use of the free parking facility, but with so much access to public transport, you can get by and enjoy your vacation with one. The check-in time for the Taipei United Hotel is 15:00 and the check-out is 12:00, but these times are negotiable, providing that the hotel is not full and that you give them plenty of warning.

Overall, the Taipei United Hotel are very accommodating to the needs of their guests, as you would expect from a 5-star hotel that consistently receives praise from the many guests that pass through its doors every year. It is the little touches that make hotels like the Taipei United Hotel truly stand out, and it is both the big things and the little things that this hotel gets right. From their executive fitness rooms, their breakfast buffets and the expansive entertainment facilities in all of the rooms, to the daily newspapers, the welcome fruit baskets and the slippers and bathrobes, the Taipei United Hotel excels in all areas.

Taipei has a great climate, with sunshine throughout much of the year. The summers in this city can be very hot and humid, so if you are not used to such temperatures then this might not be the perfect season for you to pay it a visit. The Taipei United Hotel is air-conditioned throughout and there are plenty of ways you can cool off if it does get a little too hot. There city is also subject to thunderstorms and even flooding, which typically occur from June through to October. Again, if this is not the sort of weather you are used to, then this is not a great time to visit. Luckily, if that is the case, those are the peak times and availability at the Taipei United Hotel should be high throughout the rest of the year. Spring is beautiful here, and the average temperature in April is still between 17 and 24 degrees Celsius. As it rarely gets very cold, then the winter is also ideal. Taipei is a modern city that never sleeps, and to see it lit up during those long winter nights is a magical experience that you are unlikely to forget in a hurry. There is also very little rapid cooling at night, which means the mild temperature you feel during the say will stay with you during the night, allowing you to enjoy your time out of the hotel, walking through the dazzling lights of this breathtaking city.

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Apr 08

There was a time when a swimming pool at a city hotel was a rare find. A time when the only swimming pools you found were in beach resorts, with outside pools that catered for hundreds of guests. Those times have changed though and these days a swimming pool is at the top of the list for a 4 star or 5 star city hotel. We are not just talking about any swimming pools either, when it comes to the best hotels in the biggest cities the swimming pools you tend to find are like nothing else. From infinity pools twenty floors up, to luxury spa pools that can relax even the most stressed guests, a city hotel with a swimming pool is something that has to be experienced.

To help you to experience this treat, we have listed some of the best hotels in Taipei that have swimming pools. There are over 300 hotels in Taipei in total, and several dozen of these have pools, but our focus was on the best of the best, concentrating not just on the cleanliness, size and availability of the pools themselves, but also on the hotel, as a good swim is nothing if it’s not accompanied by a good meal, a good room, good service and a great night’s sleep.

The Sherwood Taipei

This modern hotel is popular with business travelers, with plenty of event rooms and conference rooms, along with bars and restaurants. This five star hotel also has a fitness center and free Wi-Fi, and they even have an airport shuttle to pick you up as soon as you land and escort you to the hotel and to your room. The pool is an indoor pool, located on the lower floors. It’s not huge, but it’s not small either, and it will accommodate half a dozen people, maybe more, without them getting in each other’s way. There is also plenty of space in the spa if you would prefer a massage or a sauna, and the fitness center is also very spacious.

The Sherwood’s pool is a few steps above basic. It is ideal for business travelers, but for those seeking something a little more luxurious then the following pools might be better suited.

Regent Taipei

At the Regent Taipei you can also benefit from an airport shuttle, escorting you from the airport to the commercial district, which is a stone’s throw away from some of the best restaurants and biggest supermarkets that this city has to offer. There is also a fitness center and a health club in this hotel, which is geared more towards leisure travelers than the one above, but also suits those traveling on business.

What sets the Regent Taipei apart is that its pool is located on the roof of the hotel. That’s quite something when you consider how big this hotel is, and it means you can enjoy the beautiful cityscape of Taipei as you take a relaxing swim. If you are afraid of heights then don’t worry, as this is not an infinity pool and it is actually some way away from the edge of the roof, although if you do suffer from vertigo then you’d probably be better off in the spa or even in the private bathrooms, which come with luxury bathtubs. If you do want to brave the rooftop pool, then you can do so at anytime of the year, as they so not seal off the pool during the winter, like many hotels do.

Mandarin Oriental Taipei

The Mandarin Oriental has one of the most scenic pools that we have ever seen, and the elegant and breathtaking aesthetics don’t just end with the pool either, as the Mandarin Oriental hotel has been painstakingly designed throughout. The Mandarin Oriental is located in downtown Taipei and it has plenty of amenities to offer, including a fitness center, Wi-Fi (which is available for a small fee) and more. They do not have an airport shuttle, but they do have a concierge service, a 24-hour front desk, a laundry service and much more.

This hotel is great for business travelers, but they cater for everyone and even have a number of family rooms available. If you want the best luxury that the Mandarin Oriental offers then book yourself a stay in one of their City Suites. These are close to 1,000 square feet in size, with all of the basic amenities and more. The key feature of these suites is the views that each of them offer, giving you a panoramic picture of Taipei at all hours of the day. Once you have taken in as much of this sight as you can, then head to the pool, the floor of which has been intricately designed, with colorful mosaics forming an oriental pattern. There is also a spa where trained staff will pamper you, and the Mandarin Oriental even hosts yoga classes to teach their guests how to unwind, de-stress and center themselves.

If you ever tire of what’s available inside the hotel, then you can venture outside and checkout the many nearby attractions. The Mandarin Oriental is in the Songshan District, which is usually where all travelers converge when they head to Taipei. There is plenty to see and do here, especially if you like good food, as there is no shortage of fine dining restaurants.

Other Hotels with Pools

The above hotels are not the only ones with pools in Taipei, but they are our favorites. If you’re looking for something else, then checkout The Westin Taipei or Le Meridian, both of which have indoor pools. In fact, along with The Sherwood mentioned above, these are the only highly rated hotels in Taipei that have indoor pools.

There are more hotels that have outdoor pools though, including The Howard Plaza Hotel, which is located in the Da’an District, and Humble House, whose pool is anything but humble. One of the biggest pools we found was at The Grand Hotel, which is grand in both name and nature. This colossal hotel has three restaurants, event halls, conference rooms, bars and much more. It is the go-to destination for many business travelers, but it has plenty on offer for everyone, regardless of whether they’re in the city for business or to have fun.

written by Grameister777

Apr 08

One of the essential parts of any holidays is getting from the airport to the hotel. As far as city breaks are concerned, this is a journey that typically takes less than an hour by car or bus, as most major city airports are located on the outskirts of the city. However, it is one that can cost a premium, with taxi drivers and taxi firms exploiting the fact that there are hordes of tourist with little local knowledge and a lot of expendable income in their wallets leaving the airport everyday.

One of the ways around this is to find a free airport bus or an airport shuttle service. These are run by the hotel, and you will need to have a booking at that hotel in order to hop on the airport shuttle. A “shuttle” in this case is effectively a bus, albeit one that has been created to accommodate large amounts of luggage. You will need to acquire details of this service from the hotel itself, including the pick-up point, but from there you just stick your luggage in the back, hop-on the bus and then let it take you to your hotel. Airport shuttles are common with most city hotels, but many of them charge a fee. In this article we will focus on the ones that do not charge anything and are able to take you from Taoyuan International Airport to your chosen hotel in the beautiful city of Taipei.

Novotel Taipei Taoyuan International Airport

This is an airport hotel and one that has a regular shuttle service taking guests to and from the airport. The airport is only five minutes away by car, but it takes a lot longer when you’re walking, and if you’ve just landed then the last thing you want to do is trek yourself and your bags across a major city. The airport shuttle service offered by this Novotel is quick and easy, and there are always shuttles on hand so you won’t need to wait long, if at all.

The Novotel brand is one that can be found in major cities all over the world. They tend to focus more on business travelers, ensuring that they get the location right and that they can cater for all of the needs of professional men and women. It is a brand that can be found in 60 countries around the world, although unlike many other major brands they tend to focus on having just one location per city, which means that they only have 400 locations around the world. The very first one of these opened in 1967 in France, and since then they have been providing mid-range hospitality for business travelers ever since.

There is little in the immediate vicinity, but the Novotel Taipei Taoyuan International Airport is just 25 miles away from the city center, so if you want to head into the heart of the city then it won’t take you long and won’t cost you the earth either. If you are booking a taxi, there should not be a premium charge to get to the city center like there is to get to the airport, so this could save you some money in the long run.

The conferencing facilities at the Novotel Taipei Taoyuan International Airport can cater for up to 500 delegates, ideal for those seeking to arrange a meeting in the city. There are also plenty of amenities and services available to all of these delegates, with free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel, a premier lounge in which to relax, a luxury spa to pamper yourself and a pool. As with all Novotels, the rooms can cater for every need and every budget, with flat-screen televisions, great views and more. The hotel also has a fully-equipped fitness center, a playroom for children, a restaurant to enjoy a buffet breakfast and an evening meal, and a very relaxing bar.

Xinzhuang Chateau de Chine Hotel

It may be a mouthful for non-Chinese speakers, but the Xinzhuang Chateau de Chine Hotel is great destination for your trip to the city of Taipei. It is a 4-star venue that is ideally located, with many great amenities that can make your holiday or your business trip a comfortable and an enjoyable one.

Most importantly perhaps, at least for the context of this article, the Xinzhuang Chateau de Chine Hotel has a free shuttle service that can ferry guests to and from the International airport. The airport itself is a little further away from Xinzhuang Chateau de Chine Hotel than it is from the Novotel listed above, but it is closer to the center of Taipei and to the many attractions that this great city boasts.

The Xinzhuang Chateau de Chine Hotel has a fitness center and there are two dining options available. One of these is the Joie Cafe, which serves fusion dishes and is open all day, and the other is the Paradise Cantonese Restaurant, which serves fresh Chinese cuisine. There is also a luxury sauna inside the hotel, along with a self-service launderette for those needing to quickly wash or iron their clothes, and for those planning on a long stay.

The Xinzhuang Chateau de Chine Hotel has 145 rooms in total, a big hotel that cuts an imposing figure against the Taipei skyline. There are a few room choices available, including Double, Twin and Deluxe, and as well as banqueting facilities, there is also a business center, baggage storage, a 24-hour front desk, a fax and photocopying service and a great deal more. All of the air-conditioned rooms in the Xinzhuang Chateau de Chine Hotel have en-suite bathrooms, and in each of these bathrooms there is a bathtub and a number of free toiletries. The rooms themselves also have a minibar and complementary teas, coffees and more.

As far as travel goes, the Xinzhuang Chateau de Chine Hotel is opposite the Zhong Shan Highway Wugu Interchange and the Xinpu MRT Train Station, which pretty much gives you access to the whole of Taipei. If you rent a car then you can drive to downtown Taipei in just twenty minutes.

written by Grameister777

Apr 08

Sometimes the best hotels are not just those that look great, offer the best amenities in your room and also have a spa, a pool and a fitness center. These are great things, and the best hotels tend to have them, but service is also up there and exceptional service is a must for all of the best hotels. In Taipei, and in other big cities for that matter, you will find that many of the top hotels go out of their way to help their guests. They can help them to find the best restaurants, the best attractions and some of them even have special deals on those places. This is the definition of going the extra mile, ensuring their guests have a great time both in and out of their hotel, and we have listed the ones that have the best deals below.

Deals for Leisure Travelers

The Landis Hotel is one of the most popular hotel resorts in the city of Taipei. This 5-star resort has plenty to offer its guests when it comes to broadening their travel options. Not only do they have a concierge service and a tour desk that can help guests to find the best attractions and to get a number of special offers at the nearby restaurants, bars and entertainment venues, but with the Landis One Club they can also receive many other benefits. It is free to join and guests can enjoy the benefits at Landis hotels and resorts around the world.

Caesar Park, locoed in the busing Zhongzheng District, is also ideal for travelers. They have a tour desk on hand that can arrange day trips for all of their guests. This is great news for travelers who don’t want to spend time trawling websites and brochures, as they can just head to the tour desk in the morning, have a chat with a knowledgable local and then choose a day trip that suits them best. There is plenty to see and do in the local area, and if guests want to travel further afield then the hotel can also help with travel arrangements, including bus routes, subway directions, taxis and more.

The Regent Taipei also has a tour desk and can guide guests to the best locations around the Zhongshan District, which is where the Regent is located. This is a great district for food, with a number of gourmet restaurants around, including street food vendors who offer cheap and delicious local food. If guests want to venture further afield then they can also get advice on the best attractions elsewhere in the city. The hotel is just a short walk from the Zhong Shan Train Station, so getting around the city and seeing the best that it has to offer shouldn’t be an issue at all.

Other hotels that offer the same service include the City Suites, a 4-star hotel that is located in the Datong District and is a short distance away from the Ningxia Night Market, and the Howard Plaza Hotel.

The hotels listed here also have plenty going on within the buildings. These are luxury hotels, with the best accommodation in the city, and with several restaurants, bars and more within the buildings themselves. Taipei is a big and modern city, with plenty to see and explore, but these hotels go out of their way to ensure that guests never want to leave and never need to leave. All of these hotels, and every other respectable hotel in the area, should also be able to help in other ways. Many of them have a concierge service and several of them also have a baby-sitting service, although you typically need to find a family friendly hotel for this. Many of them also have a 24-hour front desk, with friendly staff that are able to provide recommendations on the best places to eat, drink and have a good time. They should also be able to provide guests with directions, and to book a taxi for them.

If you ensure that you book into a highly-rated hotel, preferably one that is 3 star and above, then you should be okay here, but if you want the best of the best when it comes to travel deals and travel packages, then you should opt for the hotels listed above, and the ones listed below.

Deals for Business Travelers

There are a lot of business hotels in Taipei, with hordes of business travelers arriving in this city everyday, keen to arrange meetings, conferences and more. There are hotels that offer a great number of business packages for those seeking the best deals, including the 5-star Shangri-La Far Eastern Plaza Hotel.

This luxury hotel might be out of reach for many travelers, but those seeking to arrange business meetings and events can take advantage of some offers on what are known as Super Value Dates. These are essentially off-peak times, when the Shangri-La Far Eastern Plaza Hotel isn’t typically packed with those seeking to arrange events, and therefore the many business rooms are empty. If dates are not important then this could be perfect for you and your company. The Super Value Dates change all of the time but at the time of writing, in early March 2015, the next Super Value Date is at the beginning of June.

During these dates you and your colleagues can get into the hotel cheap, catering for more than ten people at a time. If you are looking to take advantage of this offer then you can book through the Shangri-La Far Eastern Plaza Hotel website itself. The hotel also offers a number of other special deals for business travelers.

There are plenty of other business hotels that can help you and your company to put on a great event. These range from the simplistic and the cheap, including the Hansome Business Hotel, which is just 17 miles from the Taoyuan International Airport, and the Humble House Hotel, which also offers many amenities and facilities that the leisure traveller can also enjoy.

written by Grameister777

Apr 08

Business travelers typically have different needs to those traveling for leisure, so the hotels that cater for them are set up a little differently. Business hotels tend to be more simpler, more minimalistic. They almost always have a fitness center and a spa of some sorts, so that professional men and women can de-stress and keep their body in shape as they work. Things like free and fast Wi-Fi are also important for a business hotel, as is parking, wake-up calls, room service and other amenities that will please hard-working single travelers. They also tend to have a lot more twin and single rooms than leisure hotels, along with a noticeable lack of family rooms.

A leisure hotel will focus on things like the view, a nice onsite restaurant, a big television and onsite entertainment facilities. The locations of these two hotel types also differ. The focus for a leisure hotel is the beach, the major shopping districts and the areas where tourists gather. For a business hotel, there is more of a focus on transport, with hotels that are located next to train stations, airports and subway stations. You are also much more likely to find a business hotel in the business or financial district, as this may be where the business travelers plan to spend most of their time.

Many cities have a mixture of these two, although the city itself, and its popularity as a business hub or a tourism destination, will dictate how many of each hotel type there are. In Taipei, there is a fairly even share, because whilst many people flock to this city to do business, helped by the Nankang Software Park and the Taipei World Trade Center, among other locations, leisure travelers also come here to sample the cuisine, visit the museums and generally enjoy what is often voted as one of the most beautiful cities in the East.

Here we will focus on business hotels, with a preference for those that also offer a little for the leisure traveller. That way even if you come to Taipei solely to do business, then you can ensure that you don’t leave without sampling at least a little of the tourist life in the city. All of the hotels listed below are highly rated on all major travel websites, and they also come highly recommended by ourselves.

The Landis Hotel

At The Landis guests can choose between a number of different rooms, depending on their budget and on their needs. If they want something inexpensive and simple, perfect for a quick business trip, then The Landis have very competitive rates on their Superior Double Rooms. These are a little smaller than the name would suggest, and at less than 300 square feet guests don’t have a great deal of space to maneuver, but there is plenty within the hotel itself to serve their needs in that department. For guests that are seeking something a little bigger, there are also Executive Suites and Corner Suites, with the latter being more than twice as big as their Superior Double Rooms.

When it comes to arranging a banquet inside The Landis, guests can take advantage of one of the Meeting Packages offered by the hotel. Here the hotel will provide you with all of the food, drink and service that you need, in the room of your choosing. The rooms include The Banquet Hall, which can cater for up to 200 people and features exquisite reproductions from The National Palace; The Matisse Suite, which is smaller, decorated in a European style and designed with cozy meals in mind; and Le Salon, which is somewhere between the other two in terms of size.

If it’s business on the menu, then head for the business center and conference room. These rooms include individual desks and computers, along with tables that sit before large screen televisions and are perfect for delivering pitches and Powerpoint demonstrations. There are printers, scanners and fax machines here, along with top-of-the-range computers.

Park Taipei Hotel

Although it is cheaper and more bare bones than The Landis, there is still a lot on offer here for business travelers. They have a huge selection of rooms to cater for any number of guests, with twin rooms, double rooms, single rooms, suites and more. Many of these rooms are fully equipped with everything you could need for a comfortable stay, and the hotel itself also has plenty to offer. As well as a fitness center, there is also a buffet-style restaurant and a bar. The hotel has pleasant and well manicured grounds, and it also has a terrace and plenty of amenities.

There are car parking spaces at the Park Taipei Hotel, and there are also banqueting facilities and a business center. If you’re here on business then you will probably make use of their meeting rooms, which come equipped with a 52 inch LCD television that can be hooked up to a laptop, so that guests can deliver pitches to a spacious room that can fit up to 30 people. There are two rooms in total, the Classic Meeting Room and the Park Meeting Room, the second of which is the bigger room, with the Classic Room offering a more intimate space. Both rooms are fitted with state-of-the-art facilities, projectors and comfortable seats.

At the Park Taipei Hotel The hotel staff will even make a packed lunch for you to take out on an excursion, and they also have a shuttle service available, along with many other services. They are a hotel that goes out of their way to accommodate their guests, which is why they offer so much. If you want something that is not listed, there is a good chance that they will be able to help, as they don’t like saying no to their guests, which is how it should be.

Taipei Fullerton Hotel

This 4 star hotel is located in the popular Da’an District, which offers plenty of culture and great food. The Fullerton Hotel is a great choice for business travelers as it is actually located in Dunnan Business Center, which makes it very popular with those doing business in this great city. Within the hotel you will find banqueting rooms for arranging dinners, award ceremonies and other such events, along with meeting rooms to arrange conference calls, presentations and pitches.

There is plenty of great food and drink on offer in the hotel, with options for Chinese and Western styles, and the rooms come with a wide range of amenities, including hot tubs in many of the rooms, a fitness center, a sauna and more. There are 100 rooms in total in this hotel, all of which cater for one to two guests each. These range from the Superior Double Rooms and Deluxe Twin Rooms, both of which are popular with short-stay business travelers, to the Fullerton Rooms and the VIP Suites, which offer a great deal more in terms of amenities, size, views and luxury, but also cost significantly more.

Not only is the Wi-Fi free here, but the parking is as well, so if you’re traveling from overseas feel free to rent a car from your trips to and from the hotel. A car might not be needed for much of your daily activities though as there is plenty to see and do within walking distance of the hotel.

written by Grameister777