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May 01

Located in the vibrant Xinyi District, the W Hotel in Taipei — also known as the W Taipei — is an artsy, stylish and all-inclusive hotel that offers a home away from home in the heart of this bustling city. When you arrive you will be greeted by the neon “W”, stamped boldly and proudly onto the front of a building that also boasts a stanchion in the guise of a linked chain, giving you a hint of the artistic decor you will find inside the hotel. Style is of upmost importance to W Taipei, but this is far from being style over substance, and there is plenty on offer for business and leisure travelers alike.

As for the amenities:

  • Airport Shuttle? Yes (a surcharge applies)
  • Free WiFi? Yes/No
  • Pool? Yes (hot tubs, saunas and more also available)
  • Fitness Center? Yes
  • Restaurants? Yes (the onsite YEN restaurant serves fine dining Chinese food)
  • Near Public Transport? Yes (5 minute walk from subway station)

The rooms at the W Taipei really do go all out — from the floor to ceiling windows in all of their rooms and suites, allowing guests to take in beautiful views of cityscapes and of the mountains in the distance — to the outdoor pools, fitness centre and massage areas.

What you get depends on which room you book. There are plenty to choose from here, from their Wonderful Twin Room, to their Fantastic Suite King. The former may be a basic room, but it is still a fair size, coming in at over 450 square feet. The room has twin beds, perfect for friends and colleagues, and it comes with a flat-screen television, air conditioning and a bathtub in the en suite bathroom. The Fantastic Suite King also has a flat-screen television, air conditioning and bathtub, but it also has a spa tub and it is a good 50% bigger than the smaller twin room. This room is ideal for couples seeking a romantic getaway where all of their needs will be met, but for those traveling alone and seeking a similar amount of care and class, the Marvelous One-Bedroom Suite is the perfect choice. At over 1,000 square feet, this is the biggest room in the W Taipei, with everything that the other rooms have, including some of the best views in the building. This room is also the most expensive, as you would imagine, but compared to other 5 star hotels in the city, the W Taipei is competitively priced considering the amenities on offer. All of the rooms also have BOSE audio systems, a leading name when it comes to audio equipment, along with signature W beds, which are very big and very comfortable. All guests at the W Taipei can also enjoy breakfast buffets, cocktails and poolside dining at any time of the day.

This hotel also goes a step beyond when it comes to entertainment and activities for its guests to enjoy. As well as a celebrity restaurant known simply as YEN — which is popular across the city and has received a great deal of acclaim — they also have one of the biggest fitness centers that you will find in any modern hotel. The simply named FIT centre is over 4,500 square feet, with everything that you could need to stay in shape on your holidays. As well as the latest cardio and strength equipment, all regularly cleaned and maintained, they also have yoga rooms and personal trainers, so you don’t need to workout alone. There are even dozens of iPod docks spread throughout the centre, so you can listen to your favorite tunes whilst you work up a sweat. There is also a business center on site, perfect for those who can’t relinquish their professional responsibilities even when on holiday, and this centre is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you want to get away from the hotel, then the Taipei 101 and the Taipei World Trade Center are definitely worth a visit. You can walk to this iconic building, or you can ask the front desk to book you a taxi that will take you there. As we mentioned, there is also a subway station even closer that the Taipei 101 that will take you anywhere you want to go, but there is also plenty for you to do within Xinyi District itself. This is a popular choice with many travelers, with plenty of friendly locals, some fantastic restaurants and bars, and a great deal of entertainment choices. This district buzzes with life and activity throughout the day, but it also comes alive at night, with plenty of late night entertainment and even night markets to take part in. Xinyi is often referred to as the most Cosmopolitan district in the city, which means that many International visitors will feel at home. Westerners seeking some home comforts can also find plenty of fast food franchises in the area, including many big American brands such as McDonalds, and there is also plenty of luxury shopping to be done, with boutiques like Chanel and Gucci having a presence in the district.

The W Taipei is a five star hotel, and you only need to take one look at the aesthetics and the long list of amenities to understand why. By their very nature 5 star hotels have everything you could need, with exceptional service, style and cleanliness. The only downside to these hotels is their location, with some of them being really out of the way. The W Taipei is ideally located though. Not only is it just a stone’s throw from a subway station, connecting you to anywhere you want to go within the city, but it is also a 10 minute walk away from the iconic Taipei 101 Building, and a 20 minute drive from Songshan International Airport. This makes for a fairly short and cheap taxi ride to the hotel from the airport, but there is also an airport shuttle. To arrange this, just call the hotel ahead of time and they’ll let you know the details. There is a charge involved, but it will be cheaper than booking a taxi.

written by Grameister777

Apr 28

The Taipei United Hotel is a 5-star hotel located forty-five minutes away from the main International airport in Taipei. It is located in the Da’an District, which is very popular with travelers seeking to be where the action is. The hotel has a shuttle service that regularly ferries guests to and from the airport, making the first and final days of your holiday significantly easier and much less stressful. This hotel is a great choice for business travelers and leisure travelers, with plenty of facilities and amenities available for both, as outlined below:

  • Airport Shuttle? Yes — The United Hotel shuttle runs regularly from the hotel to the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport..
  • Free WiFi? Yes — High-speed internet can be accessed throughout the building, allowing guests to keep in touch as they enjoy their vacation.
  • Pool? No — There is, however, bathing facilities and a sauna.
  • Fitness Center? Yes — The fitness center comes with an array of strength and cardio equipment.
  • Restaurants? Yes — There is an onsite restaurant and a bar, allowing guests to enjoy a quiet drink and a bite to eat.
  • Near Public Transport? Yes — Trains and buses can be caught near to the hotel.

As far as availability goes, the Taipei United Hotel is open throughout the year, with guests flooding in whatever the weather. There are plenty of rooms in this hotel, but it does fill up fairly quickly so you should always try to book in advance. There is a possibility that if you wait you will be able to find a cheap room, as the hotel will be keen not to leave any of their rooms empty, but this is a risk, especially in peak seasons. There is also a chance that they will limit such deals for those who drop into the hotel, and to deal sites that focus on residents of Taiwan and of nearby countries, as they are the more likely to snap up such deals. Either way, sites like Hotels Combined can make it easier to keep track of the availability of the rooms in the Taipei United Hotel, and you can also book one of those rooms through this trusted service.

Which room you choose depends on your budget and the level of luxury that you desire. It may also depend on how many people you are traveling with, as there are different options for single travelers, couples, families, etc., If you end up in a smaller room than you had hoped, with fewer beds than needed, then you can request an extra bed for an extra cost. You may also be able to request that a cot be placed in the room if you have a baby with you, and more often than not, providing that you request well in advance, you will not need to pay for this.

One of the cheapest rooms at the hotel is the Superior Twin, which still offers many of the amenities you would expect of a 5-star hotel such as this, but without the added luxuries that go one step further. The Superior Single is actually a little bigger and comes with a double bed as opposed to twin beds, whilst the Executive Single provides the perfect amount of space, at a very affordable price. If you want to push the boat out, then the best rooms include the United Suite and the Presidential Suite. These are bigger, bolder and better designed, and they also have a seating area and a bathing area.

If you have rented a car then you will be able to make use of the free parking facility, but with so much access to public transport, you can get by and enjoy your vacation with one. The check-in time for the Taipei United Hotel is 15:00 and the check-out is 12:00, but these times are negotiable, providing that the hotel is not full and that you give them plenty of warning.

Overall, the Taipei United Hotel are very accommodating to the needs of their guests, as you would expect from a 5-star hotel that consistently receives praise from the many guests that pass through its doors every year. It is the little touches that make hotels like the Taipei United Hotel truly stand out, and it is both the big things and the little things that this hotel gets right. From their executive fitness rooms, their breakfast buffets and the expansive entertainment facilities in all of the rooms, to the daily newspapers, the welcome fruit baskets and the slippers and bathrobes, the Taipei United Hotel excels in all areas.

Taipei has a great climate, with sunshine throughout much of the year. The summers in this city can be very hot and humid, so if you are not used to such temperatures then this might not be the perfect season for you to pay it a visit. The Taipei United Hotel is air-conditioned throughout and there are plenty of ways you can cool off if it does get a little too hot. There city is also subject to thunderstorms and even flooding, which typically occur from June through to October. Again, if this is not the sort of weather you are used to, then this is not a great time to visit. Luckily, if that is the case, those are the peak times and availability at the Taipei United Hotel should be high throughout the rest of the year. Spring is beautiful here, and the average temperature in April is still between 17 and 24 degrees Celsius. As it rarely gets very cold, then the winter is also ideal. Taipei is a modern city that never sleeps, and to see it lit up during those long winter nights is a magical experience that you are unlikely to forget in a hurry. There is also very little rapid cooling at night, which means the mild temperature you feel during the say will stay with you during the night, allowing you to enjoy your time out of the hotel, walking through the dazzling lights of this breathtaking city.

written by Grameister777

Apr 20

Marriott International are a leading hotel chain with locations around the world. They are an American company that were founded in 1927 in Maryland by J. Willard Marriott, and although they came from relatively humble beginnings, these days they have revenue of over USD 12 billion. The Marriott brand is still a family-owned one, run by Bill Marriott, who is the grandfather of the founder.

Although world famous for providing some of the best hospitality around, Marriott actually began life as a root beer stand in Washington D.C. It wasn’t until the 1950s that they ventured into the hotel game, keeping the same name that they had used to sell their beverages. Their very first hotel was opened in Arlington, Virginia, with their second opening in the same city not long after that. This was a chain that grew very quickly and one that recently celebrated its 4,000th hotel opening, which was opened in Washington D.C., the city that had given them their first break many decades earlier.

There are Marriott hotels in most major cities, all of which tend to be at the higher end of the market, with many 5 and 4 star locations. In fact, with hotels in more than 80 countries, Marriott boast over 4,000 locations, making them one of the biggest hotel chains in the world.

Some of the most famous Marriott hotels have included the Marriott World Trade Center, which was destroyed during the terrorist attacks on this iconic structure, along with their many London hotels. Marriott also own the Ritz-Carlton brand, home to one of the most famous hotels in the world. They are one of the fastest expanding chains and at the time of writing, with close to 700,000 Marriott rooms worldwide, there are also close to another 200,000 rooms in development.

Some of the rooms currently under development are located in Taipai, where the Marriott name is looking to establish itself in 2015. There are currently no Marriott hotels in this city, which is a surprise considering how popular it is with tourists and considering that there are over 300 hotels here, but although they were a little slow to enter the city, they are certainly announcing their arrival in style.

Taipei Marriott Hotel

Arguably the more luxurious of the two Marriott hotels to be launched in the city in 2015, the Taipei Marriott will be located in the Dazhi district — perfectly suited for those seeking an ideal base for their Taipei holiday. Not only is it right next to the Neihu Technology Park and the Nankang Software Park, but it is also a short distance away from several other attractions, including the National Palace Museum, the Nangang Exhibition Hall and the National Revolutionary Martyrs’ Shrine, all of which attract their fair share of tourists every year. It is also not too far away from the Taipei World Trade Center.

This hotel will open in July 2015, with 320 rooms and suites in total. There is a sliding scale in terms of luxury and budget, but as with all Marriott hotels, the service and the standard is exceptional across the board, and although the price is towards the upper end, you really do get what you pay for. This hotel was designed to be a city getaway, giving travelers everything they could need for a perfect city break, with an ideal location and all of the essential amenities, along with a fitness centre, a business center and a swimming pool.

The Taipei Marriott Hotel is a pet friendly hotel, so you are welcome to bring your furry friend along, although some arrangements may need to be made so it is best to discuss this with the front desk in advance, preferably at the time of your booking. There is a restaurant onsite and as well as serving dinner and lunch menus, it also deals with room service and breakfast, which is available for all guests.

Courtyard Taipei

The Courtyard Taipei was designed to suit both leisure travelers and business travelers. The rooms at the Courtyard Taipei are designed to be spacious, airy and suitable for all tastes. As always, Marriott also focus on exceptional service, with a hot breakfast buffet served every morning, allowing guests to choose their own breakfast, with a huge selection on offer. At least that’s the idea, as the Courtyard Taipei has yet to open and will not do so until December 2015, several months after the opening of the Taipei Marriott Hotel mentioned above.

Food will be served out of the Bistro restaurant, where guests can also enjoy a relaxing drink on an evening. There are also plenty of spaces in which to play, relax and work, with free Wi-Fi available throughout the building and with plenty of business orientated rooms to meet, study and work.

The Courtyard Taipei will also have a fitness center so guests can keep fit during their stay. There will also be an indoor pool and some spa facilities, helping them to unwind at all hours of the day. The Courtyard Taipei also boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including air conditioning and the GoBoard, which details everything from up-to-date weather conditions, to airport conditions, flight delays, and more. All of this is available in the hotel lobby, which Marriott promise will be one of the most technologically advanced hotel lobbies in the world.

The hotel does not provide a shuttle service, but it has good transpiration links to the airport, and to many of the attractions that Taipei offers its visitors. The Courtyard Taipei is located in the Nangang District, one of the most sought-after districts in the city, at least as far as tourists are concerned. Some of the most visited attractions in this district include the Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall. This huge building is a must-see for any visitor to this modern and exciting city, with many exhibitions on show across two huge floors.

The Nangang Trade and Economic Park is also nearby. This park is a huge 87 hectares in size and is home to the Nankang Software Park, which is where many of the leading technologies are developed in Taiwan.

written by Grameister777