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Reviews of Hotels Near Chinese Culture University (CCU)

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Established in 1962, the Chinese Culture University is a huge university, with over 30,000 students enrolled on its many courses. This is actually one of the largest universities in Taiwan, and as well as their main campus in Shilin, they have several other campuses across the country.

The Chinese Culture University was originally called the Far East University, becoming the university that it is today as it grew over the decades following its founding. Their many colleges cover an array of subjects, from social science and engineering, to literature, languages and agriculture.

The Shilin District is one of the most popular districts with tourists, so once you have had your fill of the Chinese Culture University, be sure to checkout everything else that this district has to offer. One of the biggest attractions in the entire city of Taipei is here. The Shilin Night Market is one of the most famous night markets in Taiwan, and the world for that matter, and this is one of the fondest memories that the majority of tourists take with them when they leave. The Shilin Night Market is perfect for a night-time stroll, soaking in the sights, sounds and smells, and sampling an array of local foods, snacks and drinks that are sold in the many market stalls.

The Shilin District is also home to the Yangmingshan National Park and the National Palace. Sports fans can also head for the Tianmu Baseball Stadium and Sport Park, whilst foodies can get their fill in the many great restaurants that can be found in this region.

If you want to visit the Chinese Culture University, or you fancy a stroll down the world famous Shilin Night Market, then checkout these nearby hotels and book yourself a room as soon as you can.

Les Suites Grandee

The Les Suites Grandee is a four-star hotel ideally located in the buzzing Shilin District. In fact, when it comes to the Shilin Night Market, you will struggle to find a better location as the Les Suites Grandee is opposite the market. That means you can visit the market as often as you like, the perfect end to any day. If you want to do something a little further afield, maybe taking a trip to see the Taipei 101 or even the Taipei Zoo, then you can head for the MRT Station which is just a three minute walk away from the hotel.

If you have rented a car for your holiday then you will be able to drive to the International airport within 40 minutes, whilst the Songshan Airport is just half an hour away. There are also plenty of other attractions just a 30 minute drive away from the hotel.

  • Airport Shuttle? No
  • Free WiFi? Yes
  • Pool? No
  • Fitness Center? No
  • Restaurants? Yes
  • Near Public Transport? Yes

From the Standard Queen Room to the Grandee King Room, there are many different options when it comes to booking a room at the Les Suites Grandee. Some of these may be in short supply, depending on the season, so be sure to book early if you have your eye on a particular room. The fact that there are only 50 rooms at the Les Suites Grandee, and that it is very highly rated on all of the hotel websites, also means that they tend to sellout fairly quickly, so if you leave it too late then you may discover that there is no room left at all.

If you are lucky enough to book yourself a room at the Les Suites Grandee, then you will be able to take advantage of a flat-screen television with cable and satellite channels, a DVD player with a selection of DVDs to choose from, a free bottle of water and a minibar. All rooms also have a private bathroom with a separate shower and bath.

Breakfast is served every morning with guests invited to choose from an array of dishes, including both local and International options.

Silk Valley SPA Resort

Silk Valley SPA Resort is a three-star hotel, offering much of the comfort that the Les Suites Grandee has, along with a great location. That’s where the similarities end though because this hotel is like nothing else in the district, or in the city for that matter.

  • Airport Shuttle? No
  • Free WiFi? Yes
  • Pool? No
  • Fitness Center? No
  • Restaurants? Yes
  • Near Public Transport? Yes

There are only 7 rooms at the Silk Valley SPA Resort, and all are as close to nature as you can get whilst still being in the comfort of a hotel. The rustic design, open spaces and alfresco seating areas make this hotel perfect for nature lovers who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, whilst still being within walking distance of many top attractions.

All of the rooms at the Silk Valley SPA Resort come with a sauna and a spa bath, which means you don’t need to go to a wellness center to pamper yourself. They also all have private balconies, whilst the hotel itself has an expansive garden and terrace that all of the guests can enjoy.

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