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Taiwanese Weigh In On Favorite Noodles

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Now, editor has to start bragging about Taiwan, besides being the kingdom of fruit, kingdom of delicious food, there is another award should be added to the list, which is the kingdom of instant noodle. If you have chance to recommend instant noodle to foreigners, which one will you choose? Someone on the internet happens to have this problem!

This person is the supervisor at the convenient store, when foreigner ask him “which instant noodle Taiwanese people like the best?” He is not sure! Thus, the asked on the internet, which instant noodle represents Taiwan the most and leave them a great expression?

Personally speaking, I will recommend every single one! However, consider the time limits and the constraints on the luggage, we must recommend the best. So, let’s divide it into a few types:

You can both eat it with or without soup type: Weilih Men, dried noodle”

“Definitely Weilih Men!”

“You can eat it with or without soup.”

“You might have issue bring meat products in some countries, therefore, Weilih Men is definitely recommended!”

“Don’t recommend Weilih to Foreigners, unless you made it for them. Otherwise, they will end up eating with soup.”

Not sold outside Taiwan, must have meant type: Vedan, Pecos, Yiduzan

“because they have meat and are not sold outside Taiwan!”

“It has to have big chunk of meat!”

“Definitely Vedan, the onion beef.”

“Spicy beef noodle.”

“Vedan’s original beef noodle! Remember to add an egg, that’s perfect!”

With alcohol type: “Huadiao Chicken, or sesame oil chicken”

Depending on the size of the appetite:

“if you eat a lot, eat the big size bucket.”

“Fresh shrimp and fish rice. I brought them to my friend in Britain, they like it a lot. But they find the Huadiao Chicken weird.”

Traditional Type:

“It has to be traditional, Pesco meat noodle, rib chicken noodle.”

Eat directly: science noodle

“The simplest delicious food – science noodle (crash it, open the package, pour the sauce, open your mouth, then pour some into your mouth) Delicious!”

Isn’t each one classic! Besides these recommendations, people adds that you must tell foreigners the secrets of eating noodle!

“Remember to tell foreigners, it is the best when you boil the noodle.”

“I love rib chicken, adding vegetables and egg.”

“It is recommended to eat instant noodle in internet café… It used to feel better to eat there.”

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