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Fondant Cake DIY places for kids and parents in Taipei

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There is one place in Yangming Mountain, where you can shoot nice photo, eat good food, and have fun. It is not only the place for girls to fulfill their dreams of having picnic under the tree but also the places where have fondant cake loved by the celebrity – Jolin. It is a good place to experience DIY. Because there will be a teacher to lead, you don’t need worry about fail. You can become the master of fondant cake that is envied by others. Of course, beginners can also come here to have a blast.

Walking into the alley next to the Yangte Avenue, the Yangmingshan American Military Housing in Shanzaihou is full of the retro atmosphere of the 50s. The red-brick house with a chimney stands next to the tree. It feels like walking into the countryside of America. Yannick Dream Village has kept part of the house structure, based on the layout at that time, which let the tourists enjoy the long history of the old house. The Dream Village plans to have five stores, each of which has its own theme on dessert. Store no. 1 is a retro café based on the American Pie. Store no. 2 is a specialty stores for cupcakes that uses traditional sponge cakes as the bases. In a 198 square meter space, you can choose the seats and products you like and enjoy the happiness of the dessert and the scenery outside the window that changes with the season.

Store no. 2 has baking classroom special designed for parents and kids to do DIY. It provides simple but fun experience for adults and kids. As long as you reserve ahead of time, 2 people can start a class. Currently, there are 3 classes: happy cake sticks, handmade scone, and advanced fondant cake. The class is taught by specialized teachers with the story to guide kids step by step. Thus, they can further understand the characteristics and origins of the dessert and other fun knowledge. First, try the original taste fondant and cake, then through the movements of making cake, it trains the muscles of the kids’ hands. It is delicious and fun.

Materials: financier, fondant, cornflour, toothpick, cake pops

Step 1: Financier looked like money is also called bankers’ cake. Stack two together to form a circle.

Step 2: Using toothpick as a knife to separate fondant, take appropriate amount

Step 3: Mixed the fondant to get the desired color, making it into the shape of sphere then press it and wrap it with the cake.

Step 4: Using fondant as decoration, wet the finger with water, paste facial features, hat and other accessories.

Complete: Put the cake pops on the cake, then it is done! The cake can be preserved under room temperature for two days. Please eat them as soon as possible.

Tips on fondant

With cotton candy and sugar, you can make fondant. Like clay, fondant is afraid of dryness. Thus, when making them, you need to knead them at the appropriate moment to keep it warm and using preservative film to keep its temperature. However, it is also afraid of high temperature, causing it to melt. Pat the corn flour gently on the table and hand, can prevent it stick on the hands during the operation.

Yannick No. 2 Store

Address: No. 274, No. 4 Alley, Changchun Road, Shilin, Taipei

Tel: (02) 2862 5609

Time: Winder Weekday 10:30 – 20:00 Saturday starts at 09:30

Summer 09:30 – 20:00

Fee: No minimum consumption, Happy Cake Pops DIY, Handmade Scone 350 Yuan/person (suitable for children older than 3, 2 people can open class). Free rent picnic basket and picnic blanket

PS: Public transportation is recommended on the weekend, getting off at the Shanzaihou Police Station Stop, arrived in 10 minutes by walking.

Website: sweetvillage.yannick.com.tw

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