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Social Media Weighs in On Taipei Travel Hot Spots

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Travel is actually easy: find a sunny weekend, change something light, take your backpack, and start going. Because the accommodation and the food are really convenient, you can go anywhere you like. Take a pretty picture and post it on Facebook and Instagram, gaining more followers, are not bad too.

Popular Instagram, Facebook, the picture of the pretty views makes other people want to go there. Many people think that the magnificent views can only be found in other country. In fact, many beautiful attractions are in Taiwan.

From north to south, there are countless attractions in Taiwan. Such as the small Ryukyu in Pingdong, Yilan Nanya Rock and Sanjiaodiao lighthouse, Gaomei wetland inTaichung, Shimei old stone pond in New Taipei, and the Tainan Interchange that looks like the wheat fields of the alien. There are many lands of mystery that are waiting for you to visit. You don’t have to go abroad to enjoy the views that are even better than the ones in the foreign countries.

2016 Japanese travel agent H.I.S. has conducted an internet survey “the most popular places to travel abroad in autumn”. The top 10 popular tourism destinations have surprised many people. The first one is the Gaomei Wetland in Taichung, Taiwan. It has beat many other places that have been known as the must-go places in the world, such as German Neuschwanstein Castle, Canada Maple Leaf Avenue, they can only be ranked as second and third.

The mountain in Taiwan “Formasa” is not just the name.

In North Taiwan, the smart way to travel is taking subway. Taipei is a city that never sleeps, which is very suitable for light traveling. If you come to the Lanyang Plain. Walking in the pretty walking trail of the mountain, you mind will be expanded.

The theater in Taichung, the Gaomei Wetland in Qingshui, the mountain and forest in Nantou, the flowers in Zhanghua, they are all the popular check-in spots in Taiwan.

The sunny South Taiwan has a variety of authentic snacks. Here, you can experience the hospitality of the locals, the Ali Mountain in Jiayi, snacks in Tainan, Kending in Pingdong, small Ryukyu, and the light traveling in Gaoxiong, they will all make you forget to go home.

The attractions in East Taiwan is unique and special. The pretty mountain and water in Huadong area, the Pacific Ocean without boarder, the majestic central mountains in the west, the other countless world-class views that made by the natural geographical environment.

The beauty of the Taiwan is needless to say. Many views are very surprising! The hot check-in spots on Instagram that you don’t need to go abroad. They are here as always in this small land that are filled with vitality.

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