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Walk along the train track, in-depth visit to Jiji

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Jiji, inTaiwan’s southern area of Nantou, was once selected as the world top 10 tourist town. With a sense of vintage and simpleness, a sun-splashed green tunnel, and a busy old street, the town is filled with the leisureliness in a Japanese way. Tired of busy lives, come and enjoy the retro style in Jiji.

Setting the Japanese-styled Jiji Train Station as the primary focus, Jiji has developed featured shopping district around the train station. Besides fried mushroom, beef noodle and other common snacks, combined with local agricultural products, Jiji developed fried banana, banana egg roll and other featured and tasty snacks. Such unique and traditional town, don’t you feel like coming and discover it?

The main structure of Jiji train station is made of cypress, making it looks elegant and simple. It has more than 90-year’s history since it was built in 1922. It is the only remaining old train station in Taiwan.

Now, the train station has not only kept its traditional Japanese architecture but also displayed the sculptures of old-fashioned steam trains and a coal-fired steam locomotive in the plaza in front of the station and nearby, which makes the train station the best place for photo shooting and reminds people of the past.

Jiji’s external transportation once relied heavily on light trucks and porters. During the Japanese era, Jiji started to build the railway to transport the construction materials needed for Sun Moon Lake power station. Initially, the railroad only transported goods. Later, it was used to carry passengers along the train track.

Jiji Train Station has experienced intentional suspension and damages from the earthquake. In the continuous efforts of good-hearted people and residents, Jiji Train Station is able to present itself in a whole again for the public.

Since you are here, don’t miss the chance to take the train!

The Jiji Line travels between Checheng and Ershui (Ershui à Yuanquan à Zhuxi à Longquan à Jiji à Shuili à Checheng). You can choose any of the stations, follow the route of the train and explore inside the each train station. To enjoy an in-depth tour of Jiji Line, you can also buy a one-day ticket and visit each station in order.

Choosing a station randomly and waiting on the platform, watching the train slowly drives towards you, it is not about commuting, it is all about the experience. (I can’t stop thinking the images in advertisement or a MV of the old song: the lead actress stands alone in the train station and watches others picking up their families, but she has to say goodbye to her lover in the train that is leaving…)

Besides Jiji Train Station, there are many famous places here you can visit. If you want to enjoy them slowly, why not rent a bike or e-bike. So you can enjoy the beautiful view while doing some exercise.

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