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Taipei Marathon – All you need to know about upcoming marathons

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Winter Marathon in Taipei!

The label of Taipei seems always to be artistic, fresh, and relaxed. But this winter, Taipei will get warmed up, taking off the coat of quiet and relax. It will start a young and passionate journey of running. Taipei Marathon, On December 18th, go to Taipei. You can see everything here. Walking through the East Zhongxiao Raod, not for the food, not for the art, just for the date with the winter Marathon.

Iranshao has provided participants 3 days and 2 nights economic and comfortable packages. It even offers free pass directly to the Taipei Marathon. Runners who admire the view of Taiwan, what are you waiting for? If the food, view, and pretty girls are not enough motivation for you, you should not miss the marathon.

The highlights of marathon

Taipei Marathon, used to called the Taipei International Marathon. It hosted the first marathon in March 9th, 1986. Later, it has changed the name several time. The first Taipei Marathon starts in 1997, till now, it has nearly 20 years’ history. After introducing the chip timing system in 2005 for the first time, Taipei Marathon has created many records in this history. And it has become the model of the marathon.

Each year, runners from all over years have responded enthusiastically. The number has even reached 40,000 people. Therefore, the committee has set up the limits of 27,000 participants, executed by drawing. Taipei Marathon is indeed the largest scale marathon.

– you can win only by working hard

Not even mention the relatively flat racing track, the comfortable weather and temperature are good for the runners. As the old song sings, you can win only by working hard. Such a good racing track, how can you not try hard. The medal will be handed in to each runner’s hand one by one by the volunteer.

– sweet supplies

Think about all the snacks in Taipei, how bad will the supplies in the competition be! It makes people so excited by just thinking about it. According to the last year’s participants, there will be lunch box and snacks provided after the competition. This might be the only competition that will provided lunch after the race.

– almost in winter

Almost in winter, come to Taipei to see the rain… this song has given Taipei a sense of something different. We always have an image of Taipei rain a little bit. The hot steam comes out of the variety of food in the street. Lyrics and reality, you only know it when you get here.

– hot spring in Beitou

Besides Japan, the hot spring in Beitou is very famous, especially the Beitou hot spring in the suburbs of Taipei. After running, you will feel relaxed after having a bath in the hot spring.

– fashion in Ximending

You can go to the most distinctive landmark – Ximengding, walking through Red House, movie street, discovering various boutiques, or watching a night movie. You can feel the street culture in the busy streets of Taipei.

– get high in the night market

The food in Taipei make your mouth watery. The famous Shilin night market or Ningxia night market, variety of cakes, beef noodles, rice noodles, douhua, braised pork rice, fried food, dessert… wipe your saliva and take the action.

– Prettiest Taiwanese girl

Such an event, how could the pretty girls in Taiwan be missed from the picture. Thinking about the Taiwanese TV shows, Lin Zhiling, how wonderful it would be just looking at all that pretty girls. This is definitely something you have to see.

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