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Mountain Climbing in Taipei – Vertical Wall Areas Nearby

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70% of the Taiwan is mountain. Besides Baiyue, north Taiwan has several places that are not very tall, but they have very precipitous, which require to use ropes to climb the approximately 90-degree straight up. The process is very exciting, during which you need to use booth your feet and hands to climb up and down. After you reach the top, you can enjoy the 360-degree view. It is worth the trip. Here listed 4 natural hiking places, if you are brave and have good endurance, they you are encouraged to have a try and experience the real “walking on the rock”.

  1. Wuliaojian

Wuliaojian is located in Sansia, New Taipei. The biggest character is the “big and steep route”, tall approximately 30 meters and 90-degree. You have to use both your feet and hands to climb, which is very thrilling. Even though trail doesn’t cover much ground yet takes 2 to 4 hours to complete the 639-meter base point. After climbing on the top, you reach the Phoenix Plume, where you can see all the views around you. The view is absolutely breathtaking. Wuliaojian is a must-climb mountain on the list of adventurer.

  1. Huangdidian (or the Emperors Palace)

The Emperors Palace is located in Shidian district of New Taipei. Although it is only 593-meter tall, feet and hands are also needed with rope to complete the challenge of climbing this mountain as the steep of the trail. It is similar to Wuliaojian, but not as difficult as Wuliaojian. Besides the transportation to the Emperors Palace is much easier, therefore, a lot of tourists like to go to Emperors Palace. Most of the climbers will use the O shape method to complete the tour. Now, the newly installed iron chain rope and granite trails makes it even safer. However, it is still a quite trilling climbing route.

  1. Mountain Bijia

Mountain Bijia is located across road of Shenkeng and Shidian County of New Taipei with a height of 585-meter. The steepness of the mountain in the top and bottom varies largely. During the climbing, you still need to use rope. It is an energy consuming climb. Once you reach the top of mountain, you can see the Taipei 101, Shidian, Shenkeng and other pretty mountain views. It feels like on the top of the mountains.

  1. Xiaozi Mountain (Filial Son Mountain)

The Xiaozi Mountain in the Pingxi district has the highest cost-performance value, it only takes 20 minutes to go to top. The most thrilling part is in the end of the trail “Hanging iron ladders”, which are made based on the shape of the mountain. It is almost vertical. After reach the top, you can view the surrounding mountains and the beauty of the village far away. During the climbing, it is not just about overcome the fear of height, the irregular shape of the trail, but also challenge your sense of balance, and how your heart function under the pressure.

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