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New and Popular Restaurants in Taichung Now Open

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More and more popular restaurants have opened in Taichung, such as Dim Dim Sum, Kaneko Hannosuke, and others. This summer, a new trend is coming, there is Mamak, Ichigen Ramen, Minoya, coming from North to Taichung. The JinnanBou has opened its store in Taichung for the first time, after opened its store in Kaohsiung, Tainan, and Taipei. The trendy Ooedomachi is new brand launched by Tairyo Group after the seafood teriyaki.


After the Seafood Terriyaki, the Tairyo Group launched its new brand – Ooedomachi. This is a restaurant that combines wine house and eel cuisine, launched the specialty store that sells eel rice. It is different than other eel restaurants. The Tairyo group has put the street view of Edo period into the 9-meter tall, 648 square meters restaurant, which can take 200 guests. It is calms to be the biggest eel restaurant in Taiwan. You can spend 300 yuan to eat the eel rice, starting on August 5.

Ooedomachi has collected all the different ways of eel rice in Japan, offering the most number of eel rice – 10 for the guests to choose. The classic “eel rice” has two choices – kabayaki or steamed. There are other choices such as fancy Tamagoyaki eel rice, eel rice with green onion, eel rice bucket two ways, eel rice bucket three ways, golden and green eel rice, fancy eel with steamed rice, kabayaki eel Bibimbap, and family sized Henggang eel rice, which is offered in a big round box with enough rice and 32 slices of kabayaki eel. It is enough for 5 to 6 people.

Address: 2nd floor, No. 1 South Wenxin Road, Nantun District, Taichung

Seats: 150

Tel: (04) 2473-7711



The popular Malaysian cuisine “Mamak” has opened its 2nd store in Taichung on July 15. The people in Taichung has no need to go abroad to enjoy the authentic Malaysian food. The Mamak in Taichung has continued its exotic style in Taipei. But it has specious room with 2 floors, offering sofa seats. So, the guests can enjoy dining more. The mural of Penang has been moved to Taichung. Here, you can find the Hainan Chicken Rice created by Hannaness, who is homesick after moving to Malaysia; fried noodles with duck egg, and super spicy coconut egg.

Taichung Calligraphy Greenway

Tel: 04-2305-8866

Address; No. 130, Zhongxing Street, Xi District, Taichung


After Kaosiung, Tainan, Taipei, JinnanBou finally entered Taichung market, opening its fourth stores. So the people, who likes to eat rice with braised meat, have another choices. The featured dishes “JinnanBou Rice with beef” and the “jinnanBout Rice with rose pork” come with large size. The beef here uses the premium quality beef and cooked directly on the first. With the secret recipe of the sauce, the height of the beef slices can reach 20 cm. The rose meat uses baking technique in low temperature, which are made freshly each day. It follows the standards of full cooked pork (center temperature of 65 degrees, over 30 minutes), but kept its rose color.

Taichung Dayuan Store

Address: 12th floor, No. 251 Taiwan Blvd, Xitun District, Taichung

Ichigen Ramen

The Ichigen Ramen comes from Hokkaido only cooked the soup with shrimp. The shrimp flavored soup has left deep impressions on many people. Now, it is ready to open a second store. On July, it has entered the Taichung Chungyo Department Store. The soup of Ichigen Ramen are made from sweet shrimp head. The taste is fresh and sweet, which is different than other soup. On average, it uses 60 kg shrimp heads (approximately 600 bowls of ramen). Besides the soup, Ichigen Ramen has two other features, one is the shrimp powder and the fried flour. It makes the ramen have more layers of taste. The shrimp power is also using the sweet shrimp head. It uses the blender make them into powder, then fried them 3 times. The fried flour is fried with the flour that commonly used in the tempura. The fried flour has added shrimp soup and shrimp power, increasing the flavor of the ramen.

Taichung Chunyo Store

Address: B3, Building A, Chunyo Store, No. 161, Sanmin Raod, North District, Taichung


The top ranked Minoya – delicious rice with pork cutlet has come to Taichung. The menu offers specially made Minoya rice with pork cutlet, original Japanese flavored rice with pork cutlet, and Korean spicy rice with port cutlet. The specially made Minoya rice with pork cutlet is the most original flavor since the opening. The fried pork cutlet uses the secret recipe, adding a coddled egg. It is sweet without the onion. The original Japanese flavored rice with cutlet will pour with sauce. The cabbage will be put in the bottom. The Korean spicy cutlet are made from the Korean spicy source, adding mayonnaise. Spicy with sweet, mixed with Japanese and Korean style, giving you several layers of flavor.

Taichung Chunyo Store

Address: B3, Building A, Chunyo Store, No. 161, Sanmin Raod, North District, Taichung

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