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The “Oriental Venice” in Taiwan: old street in Danshui

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Danshui is known as the “Oriental Venice”. The beautiful scenery, rich history and culture, presenting different aspects of the place in day, night even each season. The old Danshui Street by the side of the beautiful river is one of the old streets in Taiwan that has its own feature.

Seeking f or the old love in Danshui is now trending. Even though the new buildings are getting more and more, the generation of the old streets such as the Zhongzheng road, Chongjian Road, Qingshui road located by the west side of the Danshui metro station, you can find the old brick made stores. Among them, there are several old temples, reflecting the local development history. The oldest Fuyou Temple is told to build in 18th century during the Qing Dynasty. The Wenchang temple, Longshan Temple, Xinjian Temple and others were built in 19th century. The Zushi temple is built at the early 20th century. When you walk on the streets, visit the street in Danshui, you can imagine the picture of the ancestor’s life in front of your eyes.

Danshui Harbor is declining after the Japanese colonized era, the emerging of the Jilong Harbor is making Danshui Harbor less busy, becoming a small fishing harbor. The most famous scene at Danshui is still the twilight. At dusk, the Red River painted by the sunset has already be chanted by many poets. There are still ferryboat traveling from the Danshui to the other side Bali. Many people aboard the ferry just to have fun over the river. On the boat, you can clear see the large reservation area of Mangrove on the wetland.

The featured snacks on the old Danshui street:

When you walk on the streets, visit the street in Danshui, you can imagine the picture of the ancestor’s life in front of your eyes. Several famous old restaurants are the most popular places in Danshui. There are many seafood restaurants on the Zhongzheng Road, which are adjacent to the coast. Among those, the Haifeng Restaurant is the most popular one due to the cheap but good food.

In terms of snacks, the Danshui Fish Ball, Crispy Fish, Iron Egg, A-gei and others are the most popular ones. There all many stores sell fish ball and crispy fish, among which are many old stores with history, such as the fish ball at Deyu, Kekou, Weixiang, Xuyi and many others. The “iron egg” is the soy egg that were cooked many time until the protein shrinks into a thin black skin. The Old Lady’s Iron Egg has a history of over 30 years, which is one of the most famous snacks in Danshui. A – gei is made by putting the clear noddle into the fried tofu skin, then pasting the fish sauce. After steaming, pour the specially made chili sauce, then you can have this featured snack.

Address: No. 65 Zhongzheng Road, Danshui Street, Taipei

Because the old Danshui street is right across the street of the Danshui metro station, there are many bus stops connecting to different attracts. It is not only the starting point of many attractions, but also the important transfer station of the blue bus to Taipei, Bali, north coast and other locations.

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