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Pokemon Go continues its popularity in Taiwan

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Pokemon Go has expanded its popularity to Taiwan, after America and Japan, especially in Beitou region in Taipei, creating a view of thousand people catching Pokemon. It is descripted by Time Magazine, Pokemon Go may have just shown us what the end of world looks like. How did the trend expand to Taiwan, let us show you what happened?

This is the video that has been uploaded to the internet last weekend, with the name of “a battle of Snorlax. Because there are many pokemon in New Beitou Park, even the sacred Snorlax. Even though it is the Chinese traditional “the month of ghost”, there are still thousands of trainers go to the park to catch pokemon.

Stores:” The 80 years old guest says, living here fifty years, he has never seen such scene.”

The scene even more crazy than the New Year’s Eve, which has attracted reporting from the Time’s Magazine. It describes as “Pokémon Go May Have Just Shown Us What the End of the World Looks Like”, remaining us the scene of the end of the world in the sci-fi novel.

This fever has been reduced yet, even in the day time, once we walk out of the New Beitou Metro Station, you can see players holding their mobile phone to look for pokemon everywhere. If you drive around the small Beitou Park, you will see phubbing everywhere. Some are with friends; some are with family.

College students: “It is more fun to play with friends. I rarely come here by myself.”

Moms:” Yes! We have a lot of interactions, sharing, and even catch pokemon for each other. Because he is better with it.”

Residents, who have lived in this quiet place for many years, are disrupted by the suddenly emerged crowds.

Beitou residents:” (have you ever seen so many people?) Never, it is the first time. (Did you get scared?) Yes, Saturday is very shocking. I was in my home; I have caught 80 pokemon for one afternoon. It supposes to help people get out of their home. Yes, we managed to walk outdoor, but we are still looking at the phone!”

According to the estimation, there are 10 thousand people during the weekend come to catch the pokemon. “Traffic, noise, and the amount of waste” has become the three major problems. Even the police plan to request to delete Beitou from the poke stop. However, according to the player Zhu Xueheng, who is the long-term observer for the internet behavior. He analyzes that the reason the stops seem dense is because Taiwan is small with a lot of population. That’s where the fever coming from.

29th is the school starting dates of the elementary and middle school. Some principles even put notifications about forbidding the use of pokemon Go in campus. However, Zhu Xueheng thinks the blindly oppose will cause greater rebound.

“It is a simple GPS, gym, collecting, hatching egg based game. The sense of battling is not strong. Therefore, the sense of achievement is not fast. I estimate in 3 or 4 weeks; the trend will slow down.”

From a negative perspective, no game will not get you addicted. The aim of launching a get is to get you addicted. It wants to fight with the society and the education system.

At the eve before the school starts, the crowd of catching pokemon has not stopped yet. How to move mobile phone from the hand of children, there might be a conflicts among different generations.

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