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Popular Taipei Streets for Different Purposes

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Traveling in Taipei, besides Taipei National Palace Museum, Taipei 101, Shihlin Night Market and other famous attractions, there are many streets with various and unique features, such as Book Street, cram school Street, Numerology Street and others. When you come here, not only you can purchase cheap and fine commodities but also experience a different culture of Taipei in-depth. Next, let’s follow reporter’s footstep, and walk into the featured districts in Taipei.

South Chongqing Road

Highest density of bookstore in Taipei

Once someone mentioned bookstore in Taipei, you might immediately think of Eslite, where indeed provides good reading atmosphere and fills with a strong culture. But if you want to buy books, it would be cheaper to go to the “Book Street” near the Taipei Station. The street with hundreds of history set a precedent of reading culture in Taiwan.

South Chongqing Road has the highest density of bookstore in Taipei. Thus it gained the reputation of “Book Street.” On the street, there are many old bookstores and famous big publishers, such as San Min Book Co., Ltd, Chen Hong Publishing Co., Ltd, and the widely known The Commercial Press of Taipei is also located here.

Partly estimated, there are around 20 bookstores of different sizes. Additionally, some cultural companies also sell book here. On South Chongqing Road, you can buy literature, history, comics, novels, textbooks, most of which have discounts.

Nanyang Street

Understand culture in the kingdom of cram schools

Not far from the “Book Street”, there is a “Cram Schools Street”. The culture of cram schools is popular in Taiwan. From elementary school to middle school, from language prep for studying abroad to the exam for public servants, from law exam to accounting exam, here has everything that one expects to find. It is said you can also have classes on cosmetology, message and fortune-telling. When you arrive at the Nanyang Street, known as “Cram Schools Street,” you can experience the different culture of “Cram Schools.”

The “Cram Schools Street” is not long, but you can see the street filled with billboards, advertising “xx American English,” “xx University Prep,” “xx Education”… makes you feel dazzling. It is said the former “legislators” of the Chinese Nationalist Party, Chiu Yi, opened cram schools under the alias “Chen Wei” in his early life. And he has gained quite fame in cram schools industry. The reporter also saw a cram school named as “Chen Wei” on this street, although it is not owned by King Chen.

With more people attend cram schools, followed with the opening of snack stores and convenience stores. Nanyang Street becomes more crowded.

Boai Road, Hankou Street

The shopping paradise for photographers

Also near the Taipei Station, there is a quite famous “Camera Street”. The “Camera Street” is located near Boai Road and Hankou Street. There are 70 camera stores or camera accessary stores. It is not rare to find Nikon, Canon, Sony and similar brand there.

During the most prospect time of “Camera Street”, 60% of the high-end cameras sold in Taiwan are from here. The “Camera Street” is the shopping paradise for photographers because the wide range of brand, complete accessories and lower price compared with other places.


Cheap and find clothing waits for you to find

Near Taipei Songshan Train Station, there is a place called “Wufenpu”. Here is the most famous “Clothing Street” in Taipei. In the alley near the train station, there are thousands of clothing stores, stalls hidden. Once you walk into the district, you can see boundless clothing, shoes and hats, no matter which angle you stands.

Before 1960, Wufenpu was still a rural place. Later, people from middle and south part of Taiwan start to work here, and rent houses her to working on garment processing and selling. The reputation of Wufenpu is getting bigger, and graduate becomes the biggest wholesale market for the garment.

The popularly styled supply of Wufenpu not only comes from Taiwan but also Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea and other locations. Here the price is low, normally starts at NT $100. Stores in Taiwan refuse to bargain, but many stalls here are exceptional. Because the cheap and fine products, it has attracted many young people to come. Some celebrities in Taipei come here to relax from their busy schedule.

Songjiang Numerology Street

Most popular street for Japanese

Taiwanese believe in feng shui, numerology, from ordinary people to political and business elites, many of whom are convinced of this. It also breeds the unique numerology industry, in Taipei there are two famous Numerology Streets.

One of which is an underground crossroad nearby Hsing Tian Kong, it is called Songjiang Numerology Street. Here are approximately 20 stores. Many Japanese tourists like coming to this street. The reporter has found that many of the signs are labeled with Japanese “OK”. Some even have the photos of Japanese celebrities who have come here for numerology. When many documentaries introduce Taiwan, they will normally shoot the scene here.

The lucky Numerology Street under Longshan Temple is the biggest numerology street in Taiwan, which has around 50 stores. The services provide here including divination, fortune-telling, horoscopes, tellers, reading hand and face, tarot, and others. Now, this street has followed closely with fashion and set up the website for marketing.

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