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Users Information

The information of its readers is of great importance to Taipei Hotels, and although this website does not sell a product or a service, there may be occasions in which it asks for the personal information of its users. When such occasions occur, readers of Taipei Hotels can rest assure that none of the information will be used inappropriately, nor will it be sold, leased or given away to a third party at any time. This information will also be kept safe and secure at all times, as described below.

Taipei Hotels has very little use for home addressees and other such information. As a content websites its only connection to the people that use its website is to write and publish articles that they will, in turn, read. There are, however, occasions in which information is asked for and received. One such occasion involves content forms and emails submitted to Taipei Hotels. During such occasions Taipei Hotels asks for a name and an email address so that they can send a personalized response, if one is needed. In this case the email address and name of the user will not be kept and once it is no longer needed then it will be deleted from the system. Other occasions may include newsletter subscriptions, in which case the name and email address of the user will be kept, so that Taipei Hotels can send them periodic newsletters and updates. It is unlikely that Taipei Hotels will keep this information themselves, and more likely that it will be stored on a secure server operated by a newsletter service. Either way, the personal information of the user will be kept on secure servers at all times, and it will not be sold, leased or given away at any point.

IP addressees and other analytical information may also be gathered, although this comes in the form of analytical software that is common across the internet, and it will not be used by Taipei Hotels for anything other than recording how many people visit the website, what they read when they arrive and where they go when they leave.


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As it is not connected to these affiliates in any way, Taipei Hotels assumes no responsibility when it comes to the transactions between these sites and the readers of Taipei Hotels. All of the affiliate websites linked on Taipei Hotels are owned by other companies, ones that the owners of Taipei Hotels have no connection to beyond providing a link to them. The terms listed within this privacy policy apply only to the Taipei Hotels website and not to any of the affiliate sites linked here, so readers are advised to check the individual privacy polices and terms of all of the sites that they click-through onto, as they may differ greatly.


A cookie is a small file that is created on a user’s computer as soon as they visit a website. This file acts as a bridge between the computer and the website, allowing the website to inform the computer about which articles have been read, which pages have been seen, and much more. Cookies are therefore able to increase a user’s enjoyment and accessibility of a given website, and they do so without creating a security risk and without allowing anyone to access anything on that user’s computer.

Taipei Hotels uses cookies, as is the standard on many content-rich sites such as this one. Taipei Hotels, and many other sites for that matter, believe that cookies increase user experience and enjoyment, which is why they are used.

Consent and Changes

By using this website and by reading these terms you are automatically agreeing to everything listed here. If that is not the case, then please close this website. In such cases Taipei Hotels ask that you let them know what you disagreed with, as they do their best to create an experience that all users can benefit from and they can use such messages to continue to improve your experience of the Taipei Hotels website. The terms listed here may also be changed from time to time, depending on how the site grows and progresses over time.

In such cases then changes will be implemented immediately, but only if they are minor and of little concern to those who use the site regularly. If, however, the changes are not minor then an effort will be made to contact regular uses of the Taipei Hotels website. This can take the form of messages and newsletters (to those subscribed to receive them) and notifications placed on the main page of the Taipei Hotels website. Again, if you do not agree to these changes then you are advised to stop using the Taipei Hotels website.


If you wish to contact the owners and/writers of the Taipei Hotels website, then you can do so via the Contact Us page. As a reader, the writers and owners would love to hear from you, so feel free to send any comments or suggestions that you have. The same applies if you have a question about the Taipei Hotels website, or about the terms listed on this privacy policy. Replies can be expected within 48 hours, maybe sooner.

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