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Things to Do in Danshui – Where to Sight See in Tamsui

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On the hottest summer day, people cannot stop sweeting outside. Outing is too hot, then just go to see the sunset!

The sunset in Danshui (Tamsui) is many people’s romantic spot in Taipei. However, there is more than sunset in Tamsui. In the end of the old street, there are three monuments standing under the sunset, away from the rest of the world. Such pretty scene, how could you not spare some of your memories?

Walking out of the Tamsui subway station, then taking the bus, you will get to the small White House in Tamsui easily. The small white house uses to be the former residence of the tax office in Qing Dynasty. Now, it is the city’s monuments. Facing the Tamsui river, there are corridor like design around the small White House and French doors and windows. Additionally, they have a 11 half arches design. The four semi-circulars in the east and west are symmetric. It looks neat and generous, which are good location to take pictures.

The Fort San Domingo of more than 300 years of history can be called the star monuments in Tamsui. “The sunset at the monuments” are one of the eight sceneries in Tamsui. How can you miss it! Back then, Spain has built Fort San Domingo as base here. Later in 1642, Dutch expelled the Spaniards from nearby Keelung. They have built a new fort on the site, which was called Fort Antonio. The name is used till now.

The Hobe Fort in Tamsui is completed in 1886 by the Liu Mingchuan, the first governor of newly established Taiwan Province. The inscription “The key to the North Gate” by Liu Mingchuan are still preserved on the gate. Now, the important military base has become the second-tier monuments of the nation. Even though the glory is gone, but the sunset is still the same. There are still a few forts outside. Taking a look at the view of the Tamsui river from here, you can feel something different.

It is not just fisherman’s pier or the old street in Tamsui. Because historical status in the past, there are many monuments that are located here. When you come to Tamsui, don’t forget to check out the monuments. With the shining sunset on the sky, you will have something different to memorize this summer.

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