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Taipei Spring Tourism Exhibition Starts on Friday

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The 2016 Taipei International Spring Tourism Exhibition will be held from March 25th to March 28 – a consecutive four days in Taipei World Trade Center. This year, there are around 300 businesses, including Taipei government and governments of other cities and towns. Some agents launched buy one get one free promotion for the European tour, and accommodations of domestic traveling for two persons starts from 888. People who plan to travel this year may as well come and compare the price, and take advantage of it.

The organizer has also launched several events, the first 100 people that purchased the tickets at Taipei World Trade Center at 10 o’clock from 25th to 27th, can get Fun UV real-time interactive digital TV stick for free. And also have the opportunity to participate in the “Golden Monkey Sending Three Gifts Out” events, the winner can bring the round-trip flight tickets to Japan or luxury hotel voucher for one yuan. There are also 200 lucky red pockets will be given out every day, including the round-trip flight ticket from Taipei to Tokyo, Hotel vouchers, SPA vouchers and other nice gifts for the lucky person.

With the increasing popularity of traveling among the people, agents have launched many discounts to seize the growth market. The organizer of Taipei International Spring Tourism Exhibition says, the cherry blossom sight-viewing trip in Japan is getting hot. Some agents offer 5-day trip starts from 4,999 yuan. There is a decent discount for European trip too: some agencies offer to buy one get one free for a 10-day trip to Austria and Chech at a half price off. The Disney Land in Shanghai is estimated to open on June 16. The tickets to the Shanghai Disney Land has been sold at the exhibition for the first time. However, it must be purchased with a 4-day and 3-night ticket of the airline company.

There are discounts for domestic traveling too. The organizer points out that such as two persons’ accommodation starts from 888 yuan, 70% off for beach holiday village, and 248 square meter president suits for 4,880 yuan, which offers various choices for tourists.

The exhibition time for Taipei International Spring Tourism Exhibition starts from 10 am to 6 pm each day during March 25th to 28th. The ticket cost 180 yuan. From today till March 24th, you can enjoy a discount for the advanced purchasing at 150 yuan. The details of the events can be found on the official website (stf.kje-event.com.tw). The organizer reminds because there will be too many people at the site, out of safety concerns, children under 120 centimeters cannot enter the exhibition.

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