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Taipei Hotels is a leading tourism site that focuses on providing up-to-date and accurate information about Taipei and its many tourist attractions, not to mention the hotels that host millions of visitors to this booming city every year. Taipei Hotels focuses primarily on content, all of which is available for free, but this is a for-profit website, operating as an affiliate website. This means that there are no products or services sold on the Taipei Hotels site directly, but links are provided to companies that do have products and services for sale.

The information below details the terms of the Taipei Hotels website, including information of affiliates, privacy, responsibility and liability. If you do not agree with any of these terms then please close this website down.

1. General Terms

Taipei Hotels was created to help holiday makers learn more about their chosen destinations, with a focus on the city of Taipei, located in Taiwan. There are hundreds of hotels here and countless attractions, restaurants and more, which can make it difficult for any outsiders to plan a short break that suits their needs. Our goal is to provide information that can assist them with doing just that, with the best accommodation based on location, services, needs and budget, along with much more information. Taipei Hotels does not sell any products directly, but may link to others that do. Because of this, Taipei Hotels will, at no point, request any financial information from any of its users. The same does not apply to their affiliates though, who may request a multitude of information if the user signs up for their services. At no point is Taipei Hotels privy to any of this information, and all affiliate sites have their own terms and privacy polices that should be read before such information is released.

There are occasions in which Taipei Hotels will ask for some minor personal information, including names and email addressees, but there is usually a reason for this, such as those relating to contact forms and newsletters. Although Taipei Hotels rarely asks for such information, it will be stored securely when it does, and at no point will such information be released to a third-party, either by sale, lease or any other means. More details on this is provided in our Privacy Policy.

2. Copyrights

Taipei Hotels does its best to ensure that all of the information provided on this website is unique. Taipei Hotels hires a number of writers who work exclusively for the Taipei Hotels website, creating accurate, up-to-date articles that are 100% original. At no point do they duplicate or reuse any written content available on similar websites. Copyright laws are taken very seriously here, and in the event where non-original content is used, such as images, they come from the public domain.

Taipei Hotels ask that their readers show their material the same amount of respect that they show to the material created by other writers and designers. If anyone wants to use any of the content on the Taipei Hotels website, then they are advised to ask for permission first, as it may be granted. If permission is not asked for or acquired, and material is taken from the Taipei Hotels website and used elsewhere, then legal action might be taken. This applies to written content, including content that is edited, re-hashed or in other ways stolen from the Taipei Hotels website; images, including logos and everything else that has been created or modified by Taipei Hotels; and layouts, forms and other material that is unique to Taipei Hotels.

3. Affiliates

The Taipei Hotels website provides information free of charge. At no point will it ask for any payments from its readers. It does seek to earn a profit though, and it does this via affiliate links, with companies in the travel sector paying Taipei Hotels based on how many impressions, click-throughs or leads that it generates.

Although Taipei Hotels will not ask for money or financial information from its readers, the same can not be said for its affiliates. In such cases readers are advised to read the terms of these affiliates before they give out any financial information. As Taipei Hotels does not have any access to the accounts of these affiliates, and also has no hand in operating the sites or managing the services offered, it can not be held responsible for any mishaps as a result of a transaction between these affiliates and the readers of the Taipei Hotels website.

4. Experiences and Responsibility

Taipei Hotels asks its readers to remember that no two experiences are the same. It is generally assumed that top-rated four and five star hotels, for instance, will be enjoyed by everyone, but there are always those who do not have as great of an experience as everyone else. This could be down to preference, but it could also be down to bad luck and/or bad timing. These are things that can not be accounted for, so whilst Taipei Hotels does its best to ensure only the best of the best hotels are written about and linked to, not everyone will have the same experience as other guests and of the writers of this website. In such cases Taipei Hotels can not be held responsible for readers who have poor experiences with the linked websites.

5. Changes

The terms listed here might be changed at any time. If those changes are big then Taipei Hotels will do its best to ensure that all readers are notified of them in advance, with newsletters sent out to those that have subscribed and with notifications placed on the main page of this website. However, if such changes are small and of no significance, then no such efforts will be made and the changes will be implemented as soon as possible.

If you do not agree to any of the changes when they occur then you should close the Taipei Hotels website down, although an email and an explanation would be appreciated if you find the time.

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