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Hotels with Travel Packages in Taipei: Review

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Sometimes the best hotels are not just those that look great, offer the best amenities in your room and also have a spa, a pool and a fitness center. These are great things, and the best hotels tend to have them, but service is also up there and exceptional service is a must for all of the best hotels. In Taipei, and in other big cities for that matter, you will find that many of the top hotels go out of their way to help their guests. They can help them to find the best restaurants, the best attractions and some of them even have special deals on those places. This is the definition of going the extra mile, ensuring their guests have a great time both in and out of their hotel, and we have listed the ones that have the best deals below.

Deals for Leisure Travelers

The Landis Hotel is one of the most popular hotel resorts in the city of Taipei. This 5-star resort has plenty to offer its guests when it comes to broadening their travel options. Not only do they have a concierge service and a tour desk that can help guests to find the best attractions and to get a number of special offers at the nearby restaurants, bars and entertainment venues, but with the Landis One Club they can also receive many other benefits. It is free to join and guests can enjoy the benefits at Landis hotels and resorts around the world.

Caesar Park, locoed in the busing Zhongzheng District, is also ideal for travelers. They have a tour desk on hand that can arrange day trips for all of their guests. This is great news for travelers who don’t want to spend time trawling websites and brochures, as they can just head to the tour desk in the morning, have a chat with a knowledgable local and then choose a day trip that suits them best. There is plenty to see and do in the local area, and if guests want to travel further afield then the hotel can also help with travel arrangements, including bus routes, subway directions, taxis and more.

The Regent Taipei also has a tour desk and can guide guests to the best locations around the Zhongshan District, which is where the Regent is located. This is a great district for food, with a number of gourmet restaurants around, including street food vendors who offer cheap and delicious local food. If guests want to venture further afield then they can also get advice on the best attractions elsewhere in the city. The hotel is just a short walk from the Zhong Shan Train Station, so getting around the city and seeing the best that it has to offer shouldn’t be an issue at all.

Other hotels that offer the same service include the City Suites, a 4-star hotel that is located in the Datong District and is a short distance away from the Ningxia Night Market, and the Howard Plaza Hotel.

The hotels listed here also have plenty going on within the buildings. These are luxury hotels, with the best accommodation in the city, and with several restaurants, bars and more within the buildings themselves. Taipei is a big and modern city, with plenty to see and explore, but these hotels go out of their way to ensure that guests never want to leave and never need to leave. All of these hotels, and every other respectable hotel in the area, should also be able to help in other ways. Many of them have a concierge service and several of them also have a baby-sitting service, although you typically need to find a family friendly hotel for this. Many of them also have a 24-hour front desk, with friendly staff that are able to provide recommendations on the best places to eat, drink and have a good time. They should also be able to provide guests with directions, and to book a taxi for them.

If you ensure that you book into a highly-rated hotel, preferably one that is 3 star and above, then you should be okay here, but if you want the best of the best when it comes to travel deals and travel packages, then you should opt for the hotels listed above, and the ones listed below.

Deals for Business Travelers

There are a lot of business hotels in Taipei, with hordes of business travelers arriving in this city everyday, keen to arrange meetings, conferences and more. There are hotels that offer a great number of business packages for those seeking the best deals, including the 5-star Shangri-La Far Eastern Plaza Hotel.

This luxury hotel might be out of reach for many travelers, but those seeking to arrange business meetings and events can take advantage of some offers on what are known as Super Value Dates. These are essentially off-peak times, when the Shangri-La Far Eastern Plaza Hotel isn’t typically packed with those seeking to arrange events, and therefore the many business rooms are empty. If dates are not important then this could be perfect for you and your company. The Super Value Dates change all of the time but at the time of writing, in early March 2015, the next Super Value Date is at the beginning of June.

During these dates you and your colleagues can get into the hotel cheap, catering for more than ten people at a time. If you are looking to take advantage of this offer then you can book through the Shangri-La Far Eastern Plaza Hotel website itself. The hotel also offers a number of other special deals for business travelers.

There are plenty of other business hotels that can help you and your company to put on a great event. These range from the simplistic and the cheap, including the Hansome Business Hotel, which is just 17 miles from the Taoyuan International Airport, and the Humble House Hotel, which also offers many amenities and facilities that the leisure traveller can also enjoy.

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